LUIs ayala

Luis is a part-time college student studying photography and graphic design. His work focuses on fashion and portrait photography. Through his photo work, he hopes to inspire his viewers by documenting the beauty of all sizes, race, and cultures. What defines him as an artist is the need to capture the emotion in people and express the power that they possess. Luis is a DACA recipient working on his goal to continue working as a photographer, graduate college, and learn more about photography.   

“To be part of the undocuqueer movement makes me proud of the person that I am. It also helps me to be even more proud of my Mexican culture. I also feel empowered to know there are other people like me. I hope that by being part of this project, I can help undocuqueer youth not to feel fear about their sexual orientation or legal status. To give hope to continue to fight for their dreams.”

                                                         - Luis

Photo by Beto Soto

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